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I once had a label dangling on my neck- Identity crisis.

It was so heavy that I always slumped whenever I tried to lift a toe.

Hence, I decided to become a hermit staying indoors, but I only became worse, mere chaff, a shadow of myself!

Here’s a tip of what it felt like

Every morning,
My bulgy eyes wakes me up
Almost protruding from its sockets
As I stare at the deceptive figure on my lazy wall

Tick Tock
Time was ticking
Running a marathon of guesses
Slipping off my fingers

I pinch my deflated cheeks
But why was left of me?

I wore worries like a bracelet
Clutching my tender wrist
Each day as I wander off
In this tattered boulevard
In search of whom I truly am

I steal a glance at her
My brittle frame
A subtle reminder of my identity

First, it was a scoop
Coating my fading shadow

Until I filled the vacuum
A punctured label
Dangling on my silhouette

I placed “her” on a canvas
And let my brush pamper every detail on her skin

Then, it became a splash of colours
Filled to the brim
For all I did was dream

I used to be indecisive, a wanderer with no direction, confused about what to do.

Oooo laaa laaa!
I don’t even remember what that seems like anymore.

I’m a brand new lady.
I have switched routines.


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For drastic measures in your thought pattern, I yearn to be the ointment that soothes the suture in your mind!

A lot of concealed thoughts drive people into depression…. Here’s to a view of lending a voice to the unheard words that leave an indelible scar in the hearts of men!!!

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Bedazzled by the thin string dwindling between ineptitude and foresightedness, unseemly long queues conforming to standards.

This is a dare to stand out in whatever sphere of influence that tickles your fancy.

Here’s to embracing who you are and inculcating striking measures to distinguish you.

The sleepless nights are becoming tiring, so this is a nudge to reinstall the burning desire in persons young at heart to become intentional about their lives and endeavors.

I am poised to reinstate people’s mindsets from its bedraggled form.