Meet Michelle

I am a keen and versatile communications strategist curating wholesome audiovisual content through several art medium. My flair spurs my zest for the sustainability of arts which are incorporated in my creations; most evident in my discourses geared towards activism. As a budding conversationalist, I am strong willed to explore deeper paradigms in leveraging my skills and expertise to advocate for social causes.

Moreso, as a freelance and multifaceted creative with impeccable storytelling skills passionate about unconventional narratives, I’m well- versed in the techniques of writing, spoken word artistry, poetry, transcription, audio narration, voice-over artistry, podcasting, video creation, volunteering amongst others; I am audacious, soft-spoken, curious, intuitive, warm, meticulous and daring. I’m able to demonstrate these traits by taking on familiar and new challenges by facilitating result- oriented dialogues and driving campaigns to amplify creativity, originality and clarity of message.

I’ve got drive, tenacity and vision and advocate for an inclusive creative economy. The summation of my creative process propels me with an inner inclination to connect to problems and proffer solutions in a memorable way whilst utilizing targeted platforms to discuss social awareness campaigns and passion projects.