Assuming a scissors stance with legs crossed
Regrets drizzled her memory
Gazing furtively around the room
She was lost in thought

Wearing an unkempt look and a wrinkled nose
Her ears were red with her eyes protruding from its socket
It’s that time of the month again

With clenched fists she smacks the wall
How long is this going to linger she rhetorically asked
Writhing in pains, she gnashes her teeth
With a tight jaw she pressed her lips together in a thin line

She hated nature for dealing mercilessly with her
What was her crime she lamented

Locking ankles around a chair, kicking furniture
Leaning on the wall made it worse
This time, so excruciating
The twitchy movements were not helping matters

Thus, with a fixed stare while maintaining a rigid posture with one hand on hip, she slumped

Alas, only then would she understand she was born that way.

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