May 12th, A freaky morning

With sunken eyes, in the wee hours

Awaken for the umpteenth time to pass water

Grasps the mobile phone with incessant notifications popping up

Its light obstructs my view

I switch over to a dark mode

I remember the name, odd, bleak
My heart skips a beat

On my screen, the display picture is dark

But for blurry patches of polka dots punctuating the hollow in his nostrils,

curves on his cheek, arc on his face- oval,

columns on his teeth.

There were an inch closer, monstrous

An incisor striking a pose beneath a canine

  • sharp edges

I tap the chatbot

It’s time Michelle, it reads

The message flash through my eyeballs, I crack a smile.

Kindly put the phone away now

The phone slips off my fingers

I lay back to sleep

I see her, my replica

Curled up chatting

Get up, let’s go, we would be late

Another message in a row


Who in heaven’s name is on my bed?

I wonder as I get up

Grab the door knob

But it was out of reach

My fingers float in thin air

In a jiffy, the door becomes transparent

I walk through its closed frame

To heed the call of an intruder.

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