If there is one thing I cherish, it would be how your lip trembles when you call me Barbie.

The way I watch each letter part into a symphony to become my name. A tingling sensation.

I blush crimson, ruby
Sometimes, maroon then rouge.

There is love in sharing, so we toast over an overflowing cup of red wine

It spills on my neck, dress, floor
You scrub the blot

We lock eyes, our pupils dilate, then a blink

A gulp. The fluid trickles into our veins.

Nothing is hidden under the sun.

Confined in this bracket, I wonder the indices for measuring sin

I kneel in the confessional to profess my deficiency and maybe or not do my penance.

Draw the sign of the cross with sweaty fingers,
prick my forehead and chest, clasp my palms in wholesome repentance

Raise my face slightly- parallel

“Forgive me father for I have sinned”.
My lips blab

There he was.

The infamous priest in charge of the chapel, my favorite place in the world.

I liked going there to heap my burdens

The day before, Mama’s money had fallen off and all I had left was a crumpled piece of paper- drenched

Where she had scribbled the sacramentals I would buy for her.

She would skin me alive

All I could afford was shed tears

Apparently, he was taking an inventory of the bookstore that day and gave me all for free.

I watched him mumble some prayers over the rosary and sacramentals.

He tapped my shoulders, drew me closer and brushed his lips against mine to break the silence.

I remember Judas betraying Jesus.
The harmony

My pulse rise,

I flee

A sacred devotion

I wish I could breathe life upon it.
Again I wonder if I truly wanted to repent.

So, I say…
If that was your flaw

I want to see it in your eyes.
Impurities and all.

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