If heaven was a stone’s throw
folks would have dissected a formula
in a closed door meeting
to pay God an August visit

catch him unawares
legs astride
fling Him into abyss

march with placards
engraved with chants of victory
hashtags in vogue

so, on this day I conclude that

God must be a sweet-talker
with a plethora of servants
who serve half-baked sermons
to famished congregants

deaf clerics
who show off to a myopic lot
sugarcoating words

stitching their hollow pockets
with meagre stipends
from impoverished worshippers
leaving them to crumbs

God is a popular street lad
everyone’s friend
yet no one has had an eye contact with him

his favorite game must be hide and seek
how men claim to read his mind
blind folks

you say,
you hear him in your slumber
somewhere close to your dreams

tell me if He is numb
or just a biased folk
who speaks only to a selected few

let’s schedule a meeting to visit the clouds
sneak into God’s sacred chamber

this time,
hire the choicest paparazzo
take shots of his chiseled looks
and broad shoulders

gasp over his gigantic stature

melanin popping
I bet he would be photogenic

God must have a fancy look
with a clean-shaven haircut
in a vintage jumper

no need editing his pictures

thereafter, the bouncers would
bundle Him for a grand return to earth

let’s confront God to a blunt discourse
sashay to the red carpet
for an exclusive interview

tease him to an impromptu talk
and watch him stutter between words

fast-paced trying to catch his breath
then, swallow his words

I bet God is not
who you paint him to be

with grey moustache
and unkempt beards
yearning to be barbered

it would be an honor watching our keypad warriors rant

so, the next time you look forward
to hearing from God

He might be an introvert
too reserved for the public eye

that’s why he hoards his address
and lurks in the sky

in all,
what if God was a female
somewhere in a pool of blood
nursing her cramps

and too fragile to rule the world

someone definitely needs to
pay heaven a visit

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