More often than not, we are bent on the flamboyance of having a lot of people in our circle meanwhile there is nothing valuable coming out of us or the people we have resolved to attach ourselves to.

It is not about the number of people you attract to your side but that one person you are able to leave a lasting impression in their life and mentality.

Having a hundred people in your circle but leaving them worse or the same way you met them is just like counting the strands of hair on your skull. That’s a total waste of time.

Seeking for fans and people to sing your praises when you are empty on the inside is a bad omen. The scramble to belong however eats deep into us, so, we stick to this person even when they drain us.

Having a database of likeminds makes the difference. Knowing a million people is not a competition or achievement. It is their quality that counts. There is no point being the dot that completes a shape or the answer to every puzzle. Discover where you ought to be and fit in effortlessly.

Reshuffle your card and protect your space. You are the sole proprietor of your life. Hence, must define what happens in it.

Have a firm resolve!

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