Dear Mberede,
How is everything with you? Let’s just broker this for judgement.

It was a tease. A reminder of my carefully crafted work of art. God probably lost his manners. Utter partiality. What a banging body. That’s why they call me Ujunwa.

That evening, you spoke without words. A million gestures. Sheer employment for every idle part of your body. It was division of labour. You never lost your focus. Skilled labourers they were.

The Process,
The bulge in between your thighs gasping for breath, your fingers; an accomplice sinking deep to scoop it all. Your tongue hung loosely tickling the ditch. What better way to savour an August dish? This was not regular.

You were an intruder. You shook the layers of my humble abode and with your joystick scratched my wall. Each click got you scrolling for more.
Krrr. krrrrr. ktkiktki… It was a tear!

You never told me you were visiting and I didn’t invite you over. Yet, you pounded me for lunch, each morsel forming a lump in your throat . So, you had a gulp from my glass of juice. Tasty right?

You are on everyone’s lips. Your lifetime job. I have screenshots. You can’t erase them. Freshly plucked, now I am withered. What’s your say! The clock’s beeping. Your time’s up!

Mberede: Unforeseen circumstance
Ujunwa: A child fully endowed
Okwuakpunonu: Crux of the matter

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